Nov 22nd 2021


Welcome and thank you for finding and following us! We are excited to introduce the world to our Suppressor Breacher Model (SBM) GEN-12. This model will be offered in both 10.5” and 7” barrel configurations.

Why the SBM line? What makes the SBM line of GEN-12s different?

We were recently approached by a government entity with the request to design and produce a breaching shotgun. We accepted the challenge and advised that we would make a mission specific GEN-12. The conflict we faced was in our reciprocating barrel, as our standard GEN-12 model was not intended to be deployed as a breaching shotgun. To explain, if the standard GEN-12 was deployed to breach and the muzzle was pressed into a door-jam, then the barrel would be depress rearward. This would prohibit the short recoil system from gaining momentum to cycle the bolt carrier group and would essentially give the user a single shot/pump 12 gauge. To overcome this, the SBM line integrates a new patent pending system and allows for the muzzle device to be fixed in place. The SBM line still maintains the optimized short recoil system giving the end user a professional grade GEN-12.


Short Recoil: The barrel reciprocates reward as the shot leaves the muzzle, creating the energy to cycle the weapon system. This means there is no gas system to foul up, and no tuning, making it self-regulating.

Fixed Muzzle Device:

o Increases the efficiency of a brake when mounted. Because the standard GEN-12 has a muzzle device threaded directly on the barrel, when mounting a larger device to a standard GEN-12, the brake pulls on the reciprocating barrel robbing potentially necessary momentum to have the short recoil function optimally. In the SBM line, there are no negative effects of mounting a brake or suppressor to the muzzle as the barrel is still allowed to move independent of the device, functioning essentially like a fixed barrel.

o The user can mount a variety of muzzle devices with no custom tuning or reduced performance.

o Gives the user the ability to add a blast shield, muzzle brake, or suppressor to the muzzle.

Thread-on Interface:

The thread interface is 1.375-24 and is commonly used by many suppressor manufactures. This allows for 12ga suppressors, like the SEG12 from Rex Silentium, to direct thread on to the GEN-12 SBM. It allows for the use of other blast shields in the suppressor market which will have the bore size opening to clear the 12gauge shot and shares the 1.375-24 thread interface for mounting.

What specifications are available in the SBM line?

The SBM comes in 10.5” and 7” barrel lengths. They have different stock/brace options depending on model. The following are the initial offerings:

1) 10.5” GEN-12 SBM Braced Firearm:


o OAL: 26.5”



o BRACE: SBA3 adjustable arm brace


2) GEN-12 SBM Short Barrel Shotgun


o OAL: 24” or 26.5"

o BARREL LENGTH: 7” or 10.5"


o STOCK: Adaptive Tactical adjustable stock with recoil pad.

o CLASSIFICATION: Short Barrel Shotgun

(NFA ITEM: requires a $200 tax and paperwork to the ATF.

Some Saved Rounds!

Over the last 15 months, we have had the opportunity to test and evaluate the performance of a prototype 12gauge suppressor by Rex Silentium on our full-auto 7” GEN-12 SBM Short Barrel Shotgun (SBS). This evaluation provided important feedback on our SBM line, and we supplied Rex Silentium with feedback and observations which lead to the final production model. We shot the suppressor with everything from magnums to sub-sonic shells and a variety of slugs, including rifled slugs. This test and evaluation process has ultimately produce the best 12-gauge shotgun the world has ever seen. The SBM line has launched the 12gauge into the 21st century, making it a professional grade weapon system and keeping the reputation as the ultimate 12-gauge!

Please reach out through our contact page if you have any questions.