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TTI JW4 Dracarys Gen-12 Shotgun

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Product Overview

In what might possibly be the final chapter of the ultimate assassins saga, the Baba Yaga finds himself completely outnumbered and in need of the ultimate closed quarters battle weapon. No magazine fed shotgun in history has been as reliable, ruggedly built and versatile as the TTI Dracarys Gen-12. The last place you want to be is in the shadow of this fire breathing beast, who leaves nothing but scorched earth in its wake.

Available for Purchase Exclusively at Taran Tactical Innovations.


  • 10.5" Barrel

  • Short Barreled Shotgun Configuration *ALL NFA RULES APPLY*

  • Hipertouch Genesis 2.5lb Trigger by HiperFire

  • Battle Arms Pro Ambidextrous Safety Selector

  • Battle Arms Lower Parts kit

  • BCM QD Keymod sling point

  • BCM QD End Plate

  • BCM Gunfighter Grip

  • BCM Unibody Stock (SBS Model Only)

  • Key-Mod Rail

  • QD Muzzle device to accept direct thread JK Armament 12 Gauge Suppressor

  • Left and Right Charging Knobs

  • Disruptive Grey Cerakote Coating

  • Eotech EXPS3-1 Holographic Sight



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