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First if you are looking at getting a upper, know that this kit is included with the purchase of any upper.  The beef-up kit serves to improve upon the standard 308 parts that are in circulation today. This is the surest way to improve your 308 lower parts kit or stock up on the spare parts you may need for your GEN-12. 


  • Antiwalk trigger pins and screws
  • Improved Bolt Catch 
  • Enhanced Power Bolt Catch Spring
  • Magazine Catch Assembly: Improved Milspec Magazine Catch Bar, Enhanced Power Spring, and Improved Button


These parts must be installed in the lower to maintain function of your GEN-12 upper. If they are not installed then you may have magazines fall out, have the bolt prematurely open, or break a trigger pin during firing. Apply blue thread locker to the screws of the antiwalk pins during installation and torque to 6 in-lbs, and be sure to let cure entirely before shooting.